Private investigations in Italy - Carpinvest
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Private investigations in Italy

Investigations aimed at protecting family rights.

Thanks to a vast team of experts and professionals Carpinvest is able to regularly perform private investigations in different areas. Our team is highly qualified and can provide the right answer for any of our clients needs.

Private investigations in Italy: offered services

  • Prenuptial verifications
  • Investigations on spousal infidelity
  • Spousal equity assessments
  • Assessments for child custody
  • Verifications of any strange, or behaviour which is ‘out of character’, caused by, but not exclusively, use of drugs, bad company, gambling or affiliation with cults.


    Collection of proof that can be shown in court, which confirms the damaging behaviour against the rights of the person who commissioned the service.
    Obtain information on families or individuals lives in order to prevent possible events that can be considered dangerous.

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